Fidget Spinner - Asmodus R188 Bearing Fidget Spinner

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Asmodus Fidget Spinner – Perfect for stress relief and keeping fidgety hand busy, the fidget spinner is a fun, addictive and simple solution that fits right in your pocket. Not only is it fun and interesting, it can also help you to focus on daily tasks and relieve anxiety, simply hold the spinner in your hand and spin it rapidly with your finger.

1 x Asmodus R188 Bearing Fidget Spinner in Brass

Do you constantly have an urge to fidget? Are you stressed out?
This Fidget Spinner is sure to calm your nerves and make you feel at ease.
It is small and portable, so the Fidget Spinner is extremely convenient and great for the go!

The Stainless Steel Fidget Spinners are constructed of high grade Stainless Steel and the Gold Fidget Spinners are constructed from brass!