Nicopop Nicotine Pearls

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Nicopop Nicotine Pearls are a revolutionary and discreet way to experience the satisfaction of nicotine consumption. Nicopop Nicotine Pearls are an innovative alternative to traditional tobacco products, offering a unique and enjoyable way for users to indulge in their nicotine cravings without the need for smoke or vapour.

Simply choose your required dosage/number of pearls and use the dispensing cap to dispense your fix!

Each tube contains 60 pearls perfectly dosed in nicotine, its measuring cap allows a contactless absorption of the pearl, according to the intensity targeted.

How to use:
Let the Nicopop pearl melt under your tongue, its unique format allows you to satisfy your need to smoke discreetly, at any time. The nicotine is diffused evenly with same intensity until total dissolution:

- Select your intensity (1,2 or 3 pearls).
- Turn the measuring cap, take the pearl and let it melt under your tongue.
- The diffusion of nicotine is homogeneous, with immediate effect.

60 x Nicopop Nicotine Pearls
1 x Nicopop Pearl dispenser

Strength per pearl:

Berries - 
An assortment of red berries in which you will find the flavours of blackcurrant, blackberries and wild strawberries.
Fresh Mint - A pure flavour of fresh mint.
Freeze Mint - A powerful sensation of freshness.
Tropical - A tropical fruit cocktail in which you will find notes of passion fruit and orange. 

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