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The newest creation from the labs of mad hatter juice comes I Love Donuts! The deliciously fun taste of fresh blueberries with sugary glazed cake donuts, just like the best blueberry donut you ever had without the worry of any calories! An all day vape you’ll never want to put down. I Love Cookies comes in 60% VG mix, to deliver the enticing sweet, rich clouds without compromising on flavour. I Love Cookies brings a refreshing change to the dessert flavour category. Each 30ml bottle comes packed in a miniature yellow cookie box to complete the experience.

1 x 30ml Bottle of Mad Hatter E-Liquid

PG/VG: 40/60
Made in USA
No Alcohol
May contain trace amounts of peanuts

The Mad Hatter juice creators are famed for their delicious dessert flavours that perfectly capture the sweet flavours we so often crave. Better yet, you can have your cake and taste it without any of the calories!

Why Mad Hatter I Love Donuts Is So Popular
I Love Donuts e-juice is an increasingly popular liquid because it perfectly encapsulates the sweet and spongy flavour of your favourite jam doughnuts.

A sugar glazed doughnut base that’s filled with a thick and gooey blueberry jam centre allows vapers to experience delicious flavours dancing across their tongue at different moments throughout the inhale and exhale. With the cakey clouds, you’ll be beaming from ear to ear as you unravel the sugary goodness that perfectly captures the flavour profile of your favourite dessert.

Furthermore, each 30ml bottle of Mad Hatter I Love Donuts comes packed inside a miniature pink doughnut box to give you a complete sensory experience.

I Love Donuts E-Juice VG/PG Ratio
The VG/PG ratio is a determining factor for a lot of vapers because it can change the strength of the flavour and clouds that you create.

I Love Donuts e-juice comes in a 60/40 VG/PG ratio, meaning that it delivers the enticing sweet and rich clouds so many vapers love, without compromising on taste. It also means that it is best in sub ohm  for you to be able to clearly distinguish the delectable flavours.

It is a true all-day vape that will appeal to everyone from beginners to the pros!