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Twelve Monkeys Matata - Part of the new line “Triumph” ! Matata raised Kanzi and knows a thing or two about delicious fruity vapes.  Big, bold grape on the inhale, followed by a smooth, ripe apple exhale.  This bright and succulent blend will awaken your taste buds all day, every day. The new line “Triumph” consists of three new flavours which have been carefully crafted with involvement of vape fans around the world. Vapers’ had the opportunity to submit their suggestions in tweaking the flavours and participate in giving them names. “Triumph” is designed to be an all-day vape line, while maintaining great flavour and cloud production.

Prominent Flavours: Grape, Apple


3 x 10ml Bottles of Twelve Monkeys Matata E-Liquid

No Alcohol
Contains Propylene Glycol & Vegetable Glycerin
Made in Canada
No Alcohol
Contains natural and artificial flavours

Twelve Monkeys Vapor Co TRIUMPH RANGE The long awaited new line of Twelve Monkeys Vapor is here! Twelve Monkeys has quickly become one of Canada’s leading premium brands and is sold in over 20 countries worldwide.

Twelve Monkeys Vapor Co. was conceived be to a premium e-liquid line at a reasonable price. We strived to hit the balance between quality ingredients and artisanal production processes while offering the consumer a reasonable price. We curated high quality flavouring ingredients and base materials into the development of our e-liquids. Our e-liquids undergo the strictest of user acceptance testing. All the flavours are high in VG; with a minimum of 70% VG; each flavour has a different VG/PG ratio tailored specifically for the flavour components used. All our liquids are made in Canada, in a laboratory setting utilizing laboratory equipment and processes. Every flavour is pre-steeped for 2 weeks prior to bottling and put on sale. As result, the e-liquid produced will have a more consistent flavour but limits the availability of the product due the process we have adopted. At Twelve Monkeys Vapor Co. we believe in quality over quantity.