Wick Liquor - Deja Voodoo Juggernaut 150ml

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Wick Liquor Deja Voodoo Juggernaut is a very unique taste; a smooth blend of exotic coconut husk, along with sweet Chula Vista Sugar Cane. It’s a sweet tropical flavour that’s a definite taste-bud adventure.

Primary Flavors: Coconut Husk, Sugar Cane

Note: Can be used with NICOFUEL Nicotine Shots

1 x 150ml Wick Liquor Deja Voodoo Juggernaut 0mg E-Liquid
*Supplied in a 200ml Bottle to allow addition of 3 Nicofuel Shots for a 3mg Strength

PG/VG : 20/80
Strength: 0mg
Bottle Size: 200ml

150ml of premium 0mg Wick Liquor e liquid, shipped in a 200ml giant unicorn bottle. Juggernaut is available in our four core flavours, loved globally and often imitated by throngs of pretenders. Each Juggernaut bottle has empty space for fans to add 3 x 10ml 18mg NICOFUEL shots. A quick shake and BOOM!! ... 180ml of 3mg Liquor.

Note: Can be used with NICOFUEL Nicotine Shots